Cambodia Laos Border Crossing: Cross-country Road Trip (from Steung Treng to Champasak Province) + 4 Places to See in Champasak

During the 2019 year-end, I took a road trip with my family from Phnom Penh to Champasak province, Laos by driving our own cars. We used Highlander Hybrid Limited 2008 and a Camry Hybrid 2010. So, don’t worry if you have a sedan. The road is fine for a small car. So, on December 28, … Read more

Cambodia Thailand Border Crossing: Koh Kong to Trat province

What’s the catch here? I have been traveling to Bangkok by air and by car countless times. Only this time that I try a new direction on National Road 4, but with the same end result, to Bangkok. I am writing this for the people who want to see the beauty of Koh Kong province … Read more

How to Buy IKEA Products in Bangkok, Get it delivered to Phnom Penh

IKEA, the Swedish furniture, has been well-known for its style, strong, and acceptable price. As Cambodia still does not have IKEA store yet, some of us are curious and furious that they cannot buy, and find it hopelessly. If you are feeling so, after reading this handy post, your hope will survive. Just in case, some of … Read more