How to Buy IKEA Products in Bangkok, Get it delivered to Phnom Penh

IKEA, the Swedish furniture, has been well-known for its style, strong, and acceptable price. As Cambodia still does not have IKEA store yet, some of us are curious and furious that they cannot buy, and find it hopelessly. If you are feeling so, after reading this handy post, your hope will survive. Just in case, some of … Read more

How to Create a PayPal Account that Allows Send Receive Money in Cambodia

paypal money transfer in Cambodia

Disclaimers:¬†PayPal is like a bank. Sometimes after creating an account, they might ask you to verify your identity. Sometimes it could be through proving your photo ID and need other business information. If not, your account could be restricted. Thus, you are creating the account by following the below instruction at your own risk. I … Read more