Cambodia Laos Border Crossing: Cross-country Road Trip (from Steung Treng to Champasak Province) + 4 Places to See in Champasak

During the 2019 year-end, I took a road trip with my family from Phnom Penh to Champasak province, Laos by driving our own cars. We used Highlander Hybrid Limited 2008 and a Camry Hybrid 2010. So, don’t worry if you have a sedan. The road is fine for a small car. So, on December 28, … Read more

Cambodia Thailand Border Crossing: Koh Kong to Trat province

What’s the catch here? I have been traveling to Bangkok by air and by car countless times. Only this time that I try a new direction on National Road 4, but with the same end result, to Bangkok. I am writing this for the people who want to see the beauty of Koh Kong province … Read more