Shopping on eBay and Ship to Cambodia

From what I remember, my first time to buy from eBay was in 2009. So far, I have bought 37 times off eBay. Mostly I had good experience with it but there was only one time that the item was lost. However, it was still worrying free since the seller shipped the item one more time and I received it. Thus, I assure you it’s more about late shipping, rather than lost or scam.

In this post, I would like to share my personal experience of buying online from eBay. Before you can buy, these are the things you will need to do.

#1 Sign up a PayPal account

First of all, you will need to own a PayPal account. It can be a PayPal account made in Cambodia because you will use it only for purchasing. Or it is even better if you can open a PayPal account with bank from Thailand.

In this case, let’s talk about a bank associated with Khmer banks. So, you will need to have a debit card before signing up a PayPal account. After registering, PayPal deducts USD2 (It could be more or less, I forgot) from us and would return after verifying the four given digits to our bank account.

#2 Inspect the seller

First of all, before you decide to purchase anything from eBay, you should notice the star rating that a dealer possesses because whenever a dealer receives a complaint about their service/ product (e.g., damaged product), the rating decreases. Personlly, I look for a buyer with rating above 95% or else I don’t risk buying any items from them.

Not everyone could give feedback to the dealer to decrease the rating, only those who already purchased could do so. Once you bought a product, you will be given a chance to give feedback. Thus, do not give feedback immediately, you need to wait and see the product to be delivered first.

99.5% positive feedback from buyers, and have sold 42754 times

#3 Some Crosschecks before buying from eBay

  • Always request a seller to put your telephone number on the envelope and tick it as a gift. The post office here needs your number so that they can call to inform. There were times that I had to pick up at the post office near Psar Chas, or sometimes they delivered to my house. You will never know. If you happen to go to the post office to pick up your item, when you arrive, try to search your phone number on the computer there, you will see your item number. The post office charges around KHR2,500 to KHR8,000 depending on how big your parcel is.
  • If you happen to buy any items which cost above USD50, you will be required to pay tariff, and its rate depends on the types of products you bought. For example, you will need to pay 115% tariff if you happen to buy a portable gaming console. So, if your console is worth USD100 on ebay, you will need to pay tariff of USD115, which makes it USD215 in total.
  • For proper calculation, you may download Cambodia Custom Tariff 2017 app from Play Store or check this site. Thus, it is highly important to know this before you buy.
  • There are some illegal activities like asking the seller to lower the real price in order to escape such tariff too. There are people who got away with it, and there are people who aren’t lucky enough. Once the officer sees your staff, they might calculate based on the price tag on the envelope or calculate the tariff based on the price they can find on the internet. You can’t argue that since you know yourself that you asked the seller to lower the real price.
  • One more thing, you should not buy an item immediately, you should read every details possible, and question the dealer about shipping to Cambodia and some general questions about the products. Try to calculate everything before you purchase.
  • How much does the shipping cost? It depends on where the dealer is. If the dealer is in China or Hong Kong, usually, it’s free shipping. However, for the US or elsewhere which is pretty far, you will have to check the shipping fee carefully. Talk to the seller when in doubt. 
  • Postal code: When you fill in your address, you will need to fill in a postal code. You can find your area in link here. For example, for my area Toul Svay Prey 1, I wrote 12308 as the postal code. You may do the same for your area.

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