Cambodia Thailand Border Crossing: Koh Kong to Trat province

What’s the catch here? I have been traveling to Bangkok by air and by car countless times. Only this time that I try a new direction on National Road 4, but with the same end result, to Bangkok.

I am writing this for the people who want to see the beauty of Koh Kong province along the way, before heading to Bangkok. The road to Koh Kong is more of mountainous ride, nothing scary if you are an experienced driver but just it is in a mountainous area, fewer people use this road.

We got to see nature and breathtaking views along the way, and yet less challenging to drive since we did not have to take over car after car if comparing to National Road 5 and Road 6.

I am going to write about what to see in Koh Kong province in another post.

Parking at Cham Yeam Border:

We can park our cars in front of a KTV and next to Ly Yong Phat casino, just about 100 meters before the border, all is owned by the tycoon Ly Yong Phat. They allowed car parks for visiting Thailand the street side, and keeping one side for KTV guests at night. Thus, our cars are parked under the sun (hoping tree shades help!).

Parking at cham yeam border ly yong phat casino
Car Park in front of KTV next to LYP Casino

Fee: THB100 per day

Since the parking is very close to the border, I found it okay to carry the luggage and walk to the Cambodian immigration and Thai immigration office. If you wish, you can let workers there help carry your luggage on their trolley for THB100.

Thai sim card: While you are at the Cambodian immigration side, remember to buy a Thai sim card. There are many Thai sim operators, but I chose DTAC this time. It was for THB100, but the balance that came with the sim is not much. I also topped up so that I could buy the internet package.

You may find a top-up machine at Trat bus-minivan station or other bus stations in Bangkok.

The top-up machine is orange and is the machine shown on the right. It’s pretty convenient to use. You can select Khmer language too.

Next, you wanna exchange your THB120 for 7 days internet 🙂 You may find the dial code on the back of the Sim package, or refer to the below table:

Price Speed and size Duration Code
THB 32 4Mbps 1GB 1 day *104*694#Call
THB 120 1Mbps 2.5GB 7 days *104*659#Call
THB 350 1Mbps 7.5GB 30 day *104*696#Call
Bus and minivan station in Trat
Bus and minivan station in Trat downtown

After passing the Thai immigration office, you will see minivans. In Thai, it is called Rot-Tu. Find a Rot-tu, they normally park on the street after passing the border for maybe 100 meters. It costs THB120 pax to travel from the border to Trat downtown..

They will take you to Trat bus-minivan station and that is a downtown area. I missed to take a photo of minivan parking at the border, but you can imagine, it is not hard to find, just walk for about 100 meters. One good thing here is that you walk shorter distances if comparing to Poi Pet border where you will have to walk pretty far to find a Rot-tu. Thus, allowing workers to assist carrying your luggage is a blessing.

Read a briefing here, if you happen to spend a night in Trat downtown before heading to Bangkok:

After reaching the minivan-bus station in Trat downtown, remember now you are in downtown. If you have Google map in hand, you can choose to navigate by walking or hop in a Songthaew (local taxi in Trat) for normally THB20, they can drop you at your hotel if you spend the night there. Since this post is about going to Bangkok, I will talk about Trat attractions in another post.

Eastern Ekkamai bus stop in BangkokOkay, back on track! when you are at the bus-minivan station in Trat downtown, now that you can buy a bus ticket to Bangkok. It costs THB 270 pax.

There are two stations in Bangkok: 1. Eastern Ekkamai bus stop, 2. Mo Chit bus stop. You can choose either one. You will still need to take a taxi to your hotel after arriving at the bus stop, or take the BTS to your preferred area.

Eastern Ekkamai bus stop is pretty close to BTS Ekkamai, just 180m away, you can see it from the bus station.

While if you choose Mo Chit bus stop, you will need to walk 2.1km to find a BTS/Chatukchak MRT. I suggest you take a taxi directly to your destination.

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