First Time Buying a Small Website for USD1,650

I have grown two sites so far but never before that I buy a website. I find it exciting since I am about to learn new things out of this. 

My impression before buying the site was that I smelled a good deal and the seller was friendly since he asked for 25x of average earnings, while the others would have asked for 30x or more. And yeah, I fully understand that it comes with quality. 

Also, the seller mentioned that he prefers doing the deal on Escrow, which I find safe and secured. First impression should not be wrong.   

Before buying the site:

The slideshow was the info posted in Flipping Websites TM facebook group. 

I could see that the earnings were not volatile. It fluctuates but not much, so it is not so much seasonality. The site was making around $70/month in average, which is good since the purchasing price is only $1650. 

Also, the seller described the products so details that I did not have to ask much questions. 

First thing first, it comes to the inspection whether the traffic screenshotted was real. I asked the seller to add me to his Google Analytics account and he agreed. Thus, verified.

Second question was how he did the link building – whether there were any PBNs, blog commments, or guestposts. What he did was blog comment, profile link and web 2.0. It is acceptable actually. Nothing aggressive. 

I double-checked with Ahrefs and it looked fine. 

I normally hesitated to buy a site even after thorough inspection, but not this time. 

Later, I checked the site’s history through, to see how long this domain has been live for, whether it has been re-purposed, etc. And yes, it looked goods too. 

Buying the website: 

Escrow verified both seller and buyer since both sides need to provide a clear ID card or passport to become a verified account. Also, they need telephone number, e-mail and a bank account number with the same name on it. Voila, they help us verified who we are dealing with and yet they are our arbit.  

I agreed to pay half of the Escrow fee while the seller pays another half. Half of the Escrow fee was $26.82 plus the payment processing fee was $56.32. In total, I paid $1727.14. 

After paying the amount, Escrow will take a day then send an email to alert the seller that now Escrow secures the money withdrawn from my bank, and let the seller to start domain transfering. 

The domain transfer was through providing Auth code. I used the code in Domain Transfer in my GoDaddy account. 

Since the domain transfer was across two different registrar, it would take 7 to 14 days to see the domain in my GoDaddy account. Once received the domain in my Domain Registrar GoDaddy, I click “Transfer received” in Escrow. So, that the inspection period will start. 

Do not click “Transfer received” if your seller mentions that they already provided the domain Auth code and they did their job. Wait for the time you see the new domain in your registrar dashboard.

Then, I moved ahead with the web hosting transfer to my Bluehost webhosting

How we did it was to that the seller downloaded backup of the site, and send me all of the files. Then, I upload all of them through Updraft Plus and restore.

At this point, it is better if you ask for the WordPress login details from the seller. Then, go download the backup from Updraft by yourself. This way, you will find it more secured since the backup provided by the seller might not work. 

However, if the backup provided by the seller does not work, do not panick yet. You can try to upload the all of the backups to a folder in hosting File Manager, then ask a web hosting support to help you with the web site restoration. 

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