How to Create a PayPal Account that Allows Send Receive Money in Cambodia

Opening CIMB Thai

Receiving payment online in Cambodia is such a pain! Well, yeah we have choices whether to use Payoneer, Skrill, Transferwise or PayPal. If your client can opt for something else, not PayPal, you are lucky! And this post is for those who don’t have a choice. PayPal is a must! 

I expect you to have read my previous post about PayPal before this post:

#1 Open a Thai bank account

First thing first, you will need to open a Thai bank account. I myself own three Thai bank accounts, including CIMB Thai, Siam Commercial Bank and Kasikorn Thai. 

Many Thai banks are strict with who can open a Thai bank account. Most will require you to have an apartment rental contract or a work visa in Thailand. However, we could find the gem.

#1.1 CIMB Thai

I will tell you step by step and the most favorable one is CIMB Thai. And I will tell you why below. I opened a CIMB Thai bank account in Bangkok. We could open on a tourist passport, and I did not have a visa back then because ASEAN can enter Thailand for 14 days without requiring a visa. CIMB’s requirement was to have a Thai national to guarantee. So, I got help from my Thai friend. They will need a Thai national’s ID card, your passport. 

When registering, they put my home address in Cambodia as the main address, and my Thai friend’s address as alternative. If possible, please avoid this. Don’t follow my mistake. Ensure that they put your Thai friend’s address as your main address because this way when you requset CIMB Thai to print a bank statement later, you will see your name and your Thai address on the bank statement. PayPal will need to verify this from you later.

You see, I mentioned that was my mistake. So, how did I deal with this? When PayPal temporarily limited my account, they requested me to provide the details of my address through Bank Statement. That was where the problem began. Back then, I had to send an email to CIMB to request for address change, they sent me a form to fill in, then I sent them back. After getting a Thai address shown, I had to travel to Bangkok to print a bank statement of the last 6 months, and scan to PayPal. By then, PayPal reinstated my account back to normal. Are we clear? 

Oh wait, you will also need an app in your phone. Ask the staff to install and set up for you. 

#1.2 Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and Kasikorn Thai

I opened the two banks SCB and Kasikorn Thai in Aranyaprathet. Right after passing Poi Pet border, you will see Rongklua market. If you know a Khmer national doing business in the market, you are in luck!

In Aranyaprathet, there are many Khmer business persons running businesses in Rongklua market (the Thai side). Thus, thai banks at the border expect that these people need to open Thai bank to transfer money back and forth. So, you will need one of Khmer business person there to accompany to open a Thai bank account. 

SCB will put the address of the shop location in Rongklua market as your address. Thus, comparing to CIMB, CIMB is the best since you can have your own address which is easy to deal with PayPal later. I did not convince them to put another address because I could not. That was the only Thai address I could use. 

For Kasikorn Thai, it seemed that the staff there took bribery, rather than being accompanying a Rongklua Khmer business person. They asked me for 3000 baht (around $100) just to open a Thai bank account. I don’t think that is the right fee, but I did not bother to ask since my purpose is to open link to a PayPal account. If you try anything else that work, please let readers know in the comment box below. 

Yeah, you need their apps on your phone. Don’t forget to install and make sure it’s running. 

#1.3 Open with agent

I neve tried any of these service and thus I don’t endorse any, but I raise this up as an option for you. 

In fb, I could see that there are agents who claimed that that they could help open a Thai bank account in Pattaya. Here is two of them that I saw

#2 Sign up a Thai PayPal account

It is best to sign up a Thai PayPal account while you are in Thailand. This way, there is no need to use VPN, no headache stuff. Or else, if it is too late and you are back already, then you may use oVPN spider on Android phone or other VPN app to sign up a Thai paypal account.  

While you are in Thailand, buy a Thai sim card. Ensure that it is roaming when you are back to Cambodia. In a bank app, you can set auto top up for 20 or 40 baht per month to keep your Thai number alive. PayPal might send you message occassionally, and you will need that. 
To avoid all these headache, for my case, I put my Thai friend’s phone number. So, he gives me the verification code whenever PayPal sends. 

I also explain this same topic in the form of video, you may watch below.

#3 Your identity with PayPal account

So, now that you signed up a PayPal account in Thailand. Thus, PayPal expects you to be a Thai national. They do not know you are such a tricky person, travel that far to open a Thai bank account just to link to PayPal. 

Later, you can request PayPal to change your nationality to Cambodia and explained to them that now you live in Cambodia temporarily or something. Give them a scanned copy of your Passport. Because sooner or later, they will ask you to identify yourself. 

You might think of providing a fake Thai ID card? Photoshopped? I am not sure or you can just be straight forward. They were okay for my case. 

So, it is okay to be a Cambodian living in Thailand and use a Thai paypal account. 

If you keep signing in your PayPal account from Cambodia frequently, then they will ask you again why it is happening. Or you can be cautious by using VPN all the time you log in your Thai PayPal account. 

#4 Withdrawing money at local bank in Cambodia

So, we choose this hard way in order to get a PayPal account up and running. It is time to talk about cashing out. 

Remember I said my most favorite bank is CIMB! Here is another reason, CIMB has a free regional withdrawal fee, which means I can withdraw from a Thai CIMB at Khmer CIMB atm machine without paying $5 withdrawal fee. 

However, we will need to bear the pain of losing exchange rate. it converts twice. 

From PayPal to Thai bank, it converts once from USD to Thai Baht, then it converts again when we withdraw in Dollars at local ATM machine. 

If you have a lot of money, and wish it to convert just once, you will need to travel to Bangkok to withdraw in Thai baht. I used to save by doing so as well.

Disclaimers: PayPal is like a bank. Sometimes after creating an account, they might ask you to verify your identity. Sometimes it could be through proving your photo ID, need other business information, an address on a phone bill, or a bank statement. If not, your account could be temporarily restricted or permanently restricted. Thus, you are creating the account by following the below instruction at your own risk. Sometimes for no reason, they doubt you of something, they can freeze your account too. 

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment box. It can be questions, or your success story with opening a PayPal account. I also want the other readers to learn from you. Let’s keep all conversations in public.

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  1. Hello everyone, im living in Cambodia Mr.vuthy so much kind to help other persons , I call himm , I send a message him, he is always patience and very quickly return answer my messages. He explain to me step by step . I gratitude him , thank you so much Vuthy ChourπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Thanks Mr. Asim

    I hope you can finally have your own PayPal account and use it with peace. But remember that when you do a lot of big transactions, PayPal might request for invoice or receipt of those transactions. Remember to keep those invoice when they require.

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