Updating firmware to 3.60

If you are running on a firmware below 3.60, you should do the update to 3.60 first. Don’t go straight and update your firmware directly. Read below

If you update directly without changing your primary DNS, Your PSVita will be updated to the latest version and you won’t be able to jailbreak. So, in order to update to firmware 3.60, you will need to change your Primary DNS first, by doing below

  1. Go to Network
  2. Click on the wifi name you’ve just connected to
  3. Then, go to Advanced Setting
  4. Change the DNS from Automatic to Manual, then enter the Primary DNS “, and leave the other things the way it is. Leave the others automatic. Leave the secondary DNS blank, Proxy Server=Do not use, MTU Settings=Automatic,
  5. Hit OK

Then, it will reset your wifi. Then, go back to Playstation network, hit update system firmware with your wifi. Then, you will see “A new version of the system software is available, Version 3.60 (Compatible), because this way it connects your PSVita to a private server.”, click Next and Update to 3.60.

If you are running your firmware above 3.60, you will not see this system.

Hacking PSVita 3.60

Now that you are still connected to your wifi, go to Browser in your PSvita

Type henkaku.xyz

After that, you will see this screen, and click Install.

It loses jailbreak after reboot. You will need to install Enso. So that it won’t lose jailbreak after reboot. Talk about Enso at the bottom of this page.

Leave it install that.

Then, go to Setting and you will see the new icon “Henkaku Settings”

Updating firmware to 3.68

Now that you have been signed into the system. Go to Advanced Setting of Wifi again and change the Primary DNS to

This time, you don’t go to update in your phone again. Instead, go to download firmware 3.68 from the link below


Click on the link, and go to click Download

How to Hack PSVita firmware 3.68

Signing in Play Station Network (PSN)

I do it with Airplane mode on, go to check your system firware first. If it is 3.65, 3.67, or 3.68, you will be able to install custom firmware.

Also, in your system setting, you want to make sure that you untick “Download Update File for System Software”. If you have it turned on, your PS Vita will try to download and install the update.

Now you may turn off the airplane mode now.

Go to your Network, connect to your Wifi, make sure you are connected to your wifi. Go to Advanced setting. Set the DNS setting to manual, and type this Primary DNS to

When this was done, go to Sign in or Sign up your PSN account.

After signing in, it will say “You must update the system software”, and you click Update System Software. Update by using Wifi, and you will see an error message that the software was already installed.

When this was done, close everything.

Go to Content Manager (Pause on your PSVita here, now time to work on your computer)

On your computer

  • Download Qcma, Windows Installer (0.4.1) – https://codestation.github.io/qcma/ and install the program. Download for the operator system you are using.
  • Also, download Auto H-encore Installer – https://github.com/noahc3/auto-h-encore/releases , right click on auto h-encore v0.4.4.zip, then save link as
  • Now that you have the two files, go to Install Qcma first. The installation is simple.
  • Now back to auto.h-encore.zip file, you will need to extract the file
  • Now try to run Qcma, right click on the icon Qcma on the bottom bar as shown picture below
  • Then, go to Setting, Advanced Setting
  • On “Use this version to update”, we must apply Custom
  • And “Custom PS Vita Version”, type 03.690.000, then click Ok
  • Once finished with above, right click on the Icon again, and click Quit
  • After Quit, run software Qcma again, now you should be able to connect your PSVita to your computer
  • Now before plugging your PSVita, go to Content Manager on PSvita
  • click Copy Content
  • You will see sth like this
  • Now go to the extracted auto h-encore.exe
  • Follow the installation, make sure the “Trim excess content ….” is ticked
  • It might take 5 to 10 minutes, when it shows “How do you plan to connect your PSVita to transfer H-encore”, click USB
  • See the message, if your vita is plug, unplug it, then click next (without unplugging your PSvita)
  • Wait for your pc to run everything
  • Read the above message, and follow it “To finish your h-encore installation …”
  • On your PSVita, go to Content manager, and go to PC > PS Vita System, and tick to install h-encore to copy
  • When finished copying h-encore, we can go back to the homescreen
  • Find h-encore logo on the homescreen
  • Click on Start, then yes
  • Then, you will see some Option
  • Click on “Install Henkaku” and also install Vitashell
  • Now that your device is jailbroken
  • But before anything, again go to Setting, Henkaku setting
  • on the Spoofed version, change to 3.69

Downgrading your PSVita to 3.65

Watch the video

To ByPass the System Update Issue

Work on firmware 3.68 (Shared by oBrizzy youtube channel)

  • Go to setting Settings
  • System
  • Restore This System
  • Connect to WIFI on Pre setup & Input your PSN as you need to be partially signed in this will bypass the PSN bit
  • Go to Settings
  • System
  • Auto Start Settings
  • Turn off Auto download update file system
  • Download, (Auto H-Encore Installer), (QCMA), (Vita Update Blocker) (Content Manager Assistant)
  • All 4 on your PC 5,
  • Run Vita update Blocker and input the IP address it gives Via (proxy) not DNS!
  • Enter the PSN Store Sign in & back out (Fine to see an error message)
  • Now run (Content Manager Assistant) and pair your device with WIFI,
  • As this will now bypass the system update. 7,
  • Now plug it in via USB!
  • Have QCMA Running & Input 03.720.000 & click okay 9,
  • Run Auto H-Encore and install over WIFI! Once you get the pop-up message,
  • Reboot Vita & Turn on airplane mode!
  • Now go to content manager and copy content via USB,
  • Make sure USB is plugged in!
  • Click on PC – PS Vita, Applications, PS Vita H-Encore & Copy.
  • Open H-Encore on your vita and install!
  • Go to settings – Henkaku Settings, Enable unsafe homebrew,
  • Then go to spoofed version and type in 3.72, click ok.
  • Turn off Airplane mode & proxy server in WIFI as you don’t need this now
  • Go back to H-Encore and install Vitashell.
  • Jailbreak Complete.
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