How to Update Switch’s Firmware Offline on SX OS

First thing first, before doing anything crazy on your console, you will need to do an emunand. It will take around an hour of waiting time. When this step is done, and have emunand “enabled” before updating your Switch’s firmware. (If you are unsure of how to do this, we can discuss in the comments below)

You will need to boot to SX OS screen, and you will see Boot to Custom Nand, Boot to System Nand, and last one Option. You will need to click on Option, and you will be able to do Emunand. A complete guide listed in the link here

Before doing anything further, you will need to download these software below:

  1. ChoiDujourNXv102- Link to download
  2. Latest Switch’s firmware – Link to download
  3. SX OS Beta 2.9.4 – Link to download Do not download v2.9.2, it contains bugs. You might encounter black screen after updating firmware. Go with v2.9.4 even right now it’s just a beta version.

Remark: It’s also important to check your SD card now to know if it’s FAT32 or exFAT format. You will need to know this in advance.

Now that you have all three and complete doing emunand. It’s time to copy all these to your SD card.

First, check your downloaded SX OS v2.9.4 zip file in your computer. Extract and copy the boot.dat (v2.9.4) to replace the boot.dat in your SD card’s root folder. Don’t forget to leave the “license” and “license-request” files in your SD card the way it is. Thus, it will look like below:

replace latest boot.dat (v2.9.4) with your existing boot.dat. Don’t do anything else. For license and license-request, don’t touch it. Leave it in SD card as it is

Second, let’s start with ChoiDuJour. Extract in your computer, copy the *.nro file to your SD Card/switch. If you cannot find a folder called “switch” in your memory card. Probably, it’s hidden. Thus, go to Control Panel and change your setting. If you still cannot find, just create a folder name “switch” and paste the ChoiDuJourNX.nro file there.

Third, copy the latest firmware that you downloaded to your SD card. Create a folder with firmware name, for my case, I just gave it a name Firmware 9.2.0. It can be in the root folder of your SD card.

Don’t mind the picture. It’s Firmware 9.2.0

Now that you have all three in your SD card. It’s time to boot your device to Custom Nand, just like you normally do for playing hacked games.

When you finish booting, go to “Album”, then “Homebrew”, you will see an app called “ChoiDuJourNX”, and that’s where you can update your firmware.

click Album button here

Open ChoiDuJourNX, then you will see your folder Firmware 9.2.0, open it and you will be able to choose all files.

Find ChoiDuJourNX in Homebrew
You will see your Firmware 9.1.0 in ChoiDuJourNX

After clicking “Choose”, it will run, then show you two options “9.2.0” or “9.2.0 (exFAT)”. You choose one depending on your memory format. If your SD card is exFAT, then you will need to install the firmware as exFAT.

After opening ChoiDuJour, click Choose.

Just follow the procedure and wait, then it will ask you to reboot. Your update will be completed.

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