Kicking off that SEO experience!

Since I was in grade 9 at Zaman high school; that was in 2002, I was introduced to a blogging platform called Geocities which belonged to Yahoo. I made a blog and enjoyed posting lifestyle and the good moments that I had with friends. The internet was not lively back then. People chatted in mIRC, and later hi5.

Later in 2003, Zaman taught me HTML and I made a personal web site and used free FTP tool to page by page to a free web hosting platform and I remember that I used a free domain name from .tk. So, back then, my personal web site was I was so proud of myself back then for being able to do so. However, I lost the web and I am not even sure how I lost it.

Academic years became such a storm and I quit blogging.

Only in July 2012, I had the gut to restart blogging with Blogspot and because it is a free platform. As you can see, this is hosted in Blogspot 🙂 Thus, I only had to modify the theme code to make it look better than a regular Blogspot. It is free for the web hosting with limited function, and I bought this domain name for about $10 per year from Google apps. I love this Blogspot platform actually beside it does not look like a professional web site.

Since I have this blog, I also started following Khmer bloggers including Blueladyblog, Khmerbird, Khmer Enterprises, etc. I learned a lot them, but more about social. They are not money bloggers. Only by reading a post from Khmerbird that he made money from Adsense and that was approx $300 and I became very curious how he did that. I went on reading online materials and followed more bloggers like Problogger. From ProBlogger, I found that there are many other ways to make money online besides Adsense.

For this, I initially intended to make money through Adsense and blog whatever I wanted; however, from time to time, I made new services that I can provide and they all worked. I can tell you in short, not a detailed one that I have made more than $200 from this and it was not from Adsense.

As I kept on reading online materials, I found a facebook group called Cambodia Internet Marketer where Cambodian SEO experts talk about how to rank their web sites in Google. For god sake, only by then that I realized that I have been taking SEO for granted. I have been blogging for ages, but I was not aware of SEO. What a shame! So, that is 2016 already!

From then on, I have joined many other Facebook groups to learn about white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques, paid for courses, and even now I am still learning about these SEO things.

Starting from mid-November, I started a niche site where I will be hiring authors to produce content on parenting product reviews and advice on parenting. It is an affiliate web site where I will be earning commission from Amazon associate program. So, this will be where I can experience more about SEO and learn at the same time. I hope it is not too late for the new adventure!

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  1. I see we’ve had some parallel lives in this whole early seo thing. I also started blogging for Geocities in 2003. In 2004 I started with html and flash (that was my first website) then html and then php asked for step. Thanks to blogspot and wordpress everything is easier.
    A greeting from Spain, if you need something from here you know where we are

  2. I gotta approve your comment, just because it’s relevant though all you want is a link 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by.

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