DrivePro 230 Hands on Review

DrivePro 230 Hands on Review

It’s been quite risky for me to drive all these years without a dashcam. With a dashcam, it helps to reduce tension when a road accident takes place because we have it caught on camera. It’s hard to argue if we are wrong when we have the evidence to support that we are right.

No, I am not going to talk into details about the benefits of getting a dashcam here because I believe that you are here to better understand about Transcend DrivePro 230 dashcam alone.

Today I picked the dashcam from ICE Electronics physical store for USD 150 per unit, a great deal indeed because at other computer stores or car accessory stores, it would cost USD 160 to USD 165 while some shops did not have this recent model.

I did short research about other models and comparison before coming into a conclusion why I need this DrivePro 230.

So, what’s special about this model?

It records speed that we were doing at the time of an accident occurs and this is important because we need to prove that we did not go over the speed limit.

Everything is in the box, including the memory card, and the mount. Just do the unboxing and use. There is no need of a technician. You can follow the instruction to hide the cable.

It has Wi-Fi live streaming from iPhone/Android Phone. We only need to download a “DrivePro” app and connect to the dashcam’s Wi-Fi’s default password “12345678”.

It has GPS Coordinates. Well, it does not mean that we are looking at the GPS from that small screen. What it means is that while recording the videos, it will show coordinates in the recordings.

It has an emergency recording button. Press the red button on the left, and it will start recording immediately.

It comes with a free 16 GB Transcend High Endurance Micro SD card, enough for many hours of recording. Do not worry.

It has voice recording during the video. So, whatever we talk in the car, it will record. Unless you want to record the video alone, you can do so as well.

The video itself is 1080P Full HD. You can’t expect such resolution from other Chinese made dashcams.
If you are in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, you can go shop at a physical store. If not, be happy to shop from Amazon with the link below.

I will be giving more insight on the dashcam as my experience with it accumulates, below is the first video recorded and sent to my iPhone via built-in Wi-Fi.

I am not really encouraging you to choose other models, but of course, let’s see other specs if that fits your needs.

How to Hide the Dashcam Wire

After getting your dashcam to work, the next thing to do is to make it looks nice in the car. To do that, you can use double-sided tape or wire clips. For my case, I bought the wire clips as it did not come in the box.

After getting the wire clips, you can arrange the wire to the passenger side, hide it beneath the windshield and aside of car dashboard. Since I did not make a video tutorial myself yet, here you may see a temporary Youtube video below:

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